Digital Screens

 An increasing number of companies are using digital screens to capture clients’ attention and showcase their services and products. They help to strengthen any brand and its products or services, as well as increase a company’s profitability. Sound & Vision offers a unique digital screen solution based on Samsung’s smart screens, which involves 24/7 customer support and a convenient management interface. Whether you want a system with three or a hundred screens, Samsung’s smart screens with MagicInfo software will match the requirements of the most demanding users and take digital marketing in your company to a new level

Sound & Vision is the platinum partner of Samsung and the official reseller of LFD screens and Smart Signage solutions


  • Digital screens can be installed quickly and do not require constant maintenance.
  • New content can be added through a handy web interface, which means the screens can all be managed from one place.
  • Moving content captures clients’ attention and creates opportunities to deliver more effective advertising messages.
  • Thanks to their affordable price, the screens are available to companies of different sizes.



  • Hardware with higher load tolerance ensures the greater reliability and longer life of the devices.
  • Adding new content is easy: all of the screens are managed through a web-based management interface.
  •   You can manage all your screens from one place, divide the screens into groups or create walls with multiple screens.


MagicInfo software gives you complete control over creating content and managing it on Samsung’s digital screens. Whether you use one or a hundred screens, you can manage them all from one place. Fully integrated software and hardware allow you to create views of several sources. For example, you can show a television programme and your cafe’s menu. Here the system constantly monitors the network’s status, and local network errors are logged automatically. As such, our technicians can solve every problem quickly as they arise.


With the help of MagicInfo Premium, you can create content and also time it. As such, you don’t need to use separate software to create digital commercials. Simply create a view, add text, photos and icons and display the created content on your screens. MagicInfo Premium allows you to show web content as well as content from devices connected to the TV (for example, a set-top box or gaming console). Of course, you can also show commercials and other clips on the screens.


With MagicInfo Premium, you are able to manage all of the important features of the digital screen – from controlling the volume to choosing the input. You also have an overview of the TV’s information (such as the processor’s load) and you can time scheduled software updates during non-work hours.


Samsung’s MagicInfo VideoWall allows you to connect up to 250 LFD screens and thereby create the world’s largest video wall. Despite its size, managing the video wall is simple and it can show HD quality video content.


We will gladly listen to you and work with you to find suitable solutions specifically for your company. We offer large LFD screens as well as touch screens and special screens meant for use in bright light.

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