Scent marketing

An innovative and extremely efficient solution to boost your company’s customer numbers and sales

Did you know that smell is the sense that influences our memories and emotions up to 100 times more than touch, sight or hearing? Just as the right music or a tasteful interior can enhance a client’s connection to a brand, so can scent. You can advertise products with the right scent and create an atmosphere that makes the client’s visit memorable and pleasant.

Sound & Vision is the official and exclusive partner of Prolitec in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Use the same scent in all of your commercial spaces and make yourself more memorable to clients


In cooperation with the world's largest perfume company, Firmenich, we can create a suitable scent just for you


A pleasant and relaxing scent can boost your client's spirits

The power of aromas

Scent marketing can be used to cover unpleasant smells and to create a more inviting environment


Scent marketing is a highly efficient tool that helps clients remember the brand better and make your brand or product more famous. In the eyes of the customer, the scent will strengthen the position of the brand, and it is possible to create a pleasant environment where clients enjoy being and where they feel alert and inspired.


  • Scented spaces stimulate sales of products or services.
  • A scent helps customers remember the brand and communicates the brand’s values more effectively.
  • A scented space is inviting: it lures customers in and encourages them to stay longer.
  • A scent provokes pleasant memories and helps relieve stress.
  • A scent can create positive connections and emotions associated with a certain event or experience.
  • A scent helps establish the mood. It can calm clients, cheer them up or increase the productivity of employees. It all comes down to a certain scent and the desired goal.


Avoiding negative connections stemming from an unpleasant smell is as important as creating positive emotions with a good scent. A bad smell can send customers a negative message and create a negative image for the brand – and this can be very difficult to shake off.

Prolitec’s scent devices, which are based on AirQ technology, help remove unpleasant smells using an odourless system to block receptors. The ‘gap’ which is then created is filled with a pleasant aroma. Almost all of the scents we offer include the unpleasant smell neutraliser, which acts similarly to noise-reducing headphones.


Smell is the sense which has the most impact on our memories and emotions – it leaves a very strong imprint on our memory. For example, it is 100 times more likely that we will remember a smell than a surface we have touched.


Prolitec was the creator of AirQ technology, and in cooperation with them we bring you the latest news and trends in scent marketing, as well as access to more than a hundred world-class scent experts, who help to create new scents and hide unpleasant aromas.
Selecting the right scent can be a difficult task. We help to find the scent that defines your brand and we will give you advice based on our experience. This is extremely important, because finding the right aroma will make employees and clients happy and content.
Our scent catalogue includes many aromas, each one is created for a purpose: from supporting the interior design of a shop to accenting the desired feelings, textures or colours. We are constantly working to include trendy new scents in our range, offering greater variety. All of our scents meet international safety standards, so using them is safe.


Nothing pleases us more than clients who are happy with our services. Prolitec was established in 1996, and since then the following international brands have become its clients: Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Giorgio Armani, Marks & Spencer, Citibank, Audi, BMW, Billabong, Mercedes-Benz, Soma, Verizon and many others.
If you’d like to know more about scent marketing and our solutions, contact us. We will help you find a suitable scent for your brand and we will choose a technical solution that is in accordance with international standards and the room’s requirements and criteria. Preparing the correct project is also important, since the best scent may not reach customers if the wrong devices and methods are used.

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